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Your Northwest Indiana Greens

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Your Northwest Indiana Greens

The Northwest Indiana Green Party is committed to making Indiana the Crossroads of Green America through a grassroots political movement focused on the values of protecting our environment, expanding our foundational democracy, advocating for social justice and engaging global peace.

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Become a supporter of the only local environmental and justice focused political party in Northwest Indiana. Your contribution helps put Green candidates on ballots across the region. Also, consider becoming a member of the Northwest Indiana Green Party and add your voice to our growing platform for the Crossroads of America.

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The Northwest Indiana Green Party is an active movement


Our Environmental Passion

Environmental concerns have been the center of the Green Movement and remains one of primary local concerns. As our region re-envisions our unique lakeshore with its new Indiana Dunes National Park, we have to work to not only protect the future of our eco-systems but also to reverse the toxic legacy of our industrial past

To meet our environmental goals the NWI Green Party is engaged in the following actions: 
• Advancing the Green New Deal in our state, county and city governments
• Advocating for the clean-up and reverting back to its natural state reclaimed property along the shores of Lake Michigan and regional waterways
• Promoting Eco-Justice to protect our air, water and land for the safety and well-being of the people in the region
• Re-envisioning our civic recycling programs that are on the brink of shutting down
• Expanding our protected lands and natural spaces 
• Ensuring environmental protections are primary considerations in the planning of new development.   


Our Commitment to Democracy

As a progressive political organization the Northwest Indiana Green Party operates within the sphere of politics. Unlike non-profits that are limited in their influence within our democratic system, we are a political party that can directly work to enrich our democracy through supporting candidates and shaping campaigns. Countering the system that is dominated by two polarizing parties the Northwest Indiana Green Party puts forward an inclusive and equitable grassroots option based on the important values we share.

To meet our commitment to democracy the NWI Green Party is engaged in the following actions:
• Increasing voter participation in our elections through voter resignation, particularly within our underserved and minority communities
• Promoting ballot access and advocating for the removal of restrictive state laws that impede Green candidates from getting on your ballot
• Running Green candidates in local elections throughout Northwest Indiana.

Social Justice

Advocates for Social Justice

In these divisive times there is an urgent need to assure the welfare, inclusion and civil rights of all people in our diverse communities. The Northwest Indiana Green Party stands in solidarity and in action with those suffering under a legacy of discrimination, cast aside by inhumane public policy and denied the rights and liberties afforded to all. 

To meet our commitment to advocates for social justice the NWI Green Party is engaged in the following actions:
• Advocating for a living wage of $15 minimum
• Championing universal healthcare as a human right
• Supporting unions and protecting our working class
• Promoting a compassionate immigration policy 
• Dismantling the legacy of racism in NWI to rebuild our communities
• Ensuring equal protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer persons


Engaging Paths to Peace

Wars and conflicts to justify economic interest over collective sustainability have scarred our earth and taken its toll on humanity. Corporations that profit on the militarization of our local communities endanger the peace and well-being of all. 

To meet our commitment to engage paths to peace the NWI Green Party is engaged in the following actions:
• dismantling of the systems that promote conflict over reconciliation and diplomacy
• ensuring local economic development policies are focused on green jobs and technologies and not on corporations that broker power and domination
• collaborative actions to raise awareness of peacemaking.