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, Fall is stumbling under the weight of climate change. This time of year is often overlooked when we consider the effects of the global climate crisis on our environment. Yet the warmer temperatures are affecting the health of our forests and the colors of this season. Those colors are getting duller as autumn is getting shorter.  Your Northwest Indiana Green Party is committed  to protecting the health of our trees by promoting environmentally sensitive development, transitioning our local industry to eliminating greenhouse gases and restoring the woodlands around our Indiana dunes. Join us as we plant the future Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties. Discover how you can get involved at our November meeting of the NWI Green Party.

 November NWI Green Party Meeting

Conrad Chapel View Lounge,
Student Center @ Valpo University
1509 Chapel Dr, Valparaiso 

Sunday, November 14, 2021 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

With the weather cooling we are moving indoors to the Student Center at Valparaiso University. Join your local Greens for this time to socialize and strategize for our environment and our democracy. The Conrad Chapel View Lounge is located along the hallway of the VU Student Center with an outdoor patio option if the weather permits. Any upates to the meeting will be posted on Facebook. 

A Word From Your NWI Green Party Chair - Joe Conn

Can I say it?

Dare I say it?

Okay, I’ll say it, borrowing the breathless language of proponents of a “Russiagate” conspiracy.

There’s breaking news, a bombshell, the walls are closing, a tipping point, and the beginning of the end for the perpetrators of the thoroughly debunked Russiagate political hoax.

This week, a grand jury indicted a third person for his participation in a cabal that for the past five years manufactured and promoted a false narrative that Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign had collaborated with “the Russians” to defeat Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

These hoaxsters include members of the Democratic Party in Congress, many outlets of the corporate-controlled news media in the U.S., as well as FBI investigators and other agents of the so-called U.S. “intelligence community.”

Let me say up top, writing about the exposure of this corrupt cabal by no means should be read as an endorsement of Donald Trump. He was a terrible president. He just wasn’t a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin and secretly relied on Russian help in the 2016 election as was alleged by these political propagandists.

Why should this concern the Green Party?

Because the Green Party is the party of integrity and good government.

We don’t take corporate money.

We don’t support the U.S. war machine.

We don’t condone the invasion of privacy in our communications or the rank abuse of government investigative and prosecutorial power to serve political and corporate interests, particularly the interests of the war machine.

These abuses, which are at the center of the current grand jury investigation, concern us – and they should concern you, too.

The latest culprit caught up in the ongoing and transformed Russiagate scandal is Igor Danchenko, who worked as an analyst for the Brookings Institution, a noted Washington Beltway think tank.

He’s been charged with five counts of lying to FBI investigators.

Danchenko's role in the Trump smear campaign was as a key source of much of the information that ended up in the notorious "Steele Dossier," which consisted of a series of reports that purportedly misled the Feds, the Dems and much of the U.S. news media.

Former British spy Christopher Steele authored the dossier.

We now know that Steele was hired by Democrats to dig up dirt on Trump. Through cut outs to hide the cash flow, Steele was paid by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, which, in 2016, Clinton controlled.

Interestingly, according to a minutely detailed, 39-page indictment, one of Danchenko's frequently relied upon sources of information about Trump and Russia, “intel” that would up appearing in the Steele Dossier, was a Clinton campaign operative named Charles Dolan, who, ironically, had multiple ties to Russian officials. Danchenko allegedly lied to the FBI about using Dolan’s tips, apparently to hide or obscure Dolan’s role in Russiagate.

Last month, another Clintonista, campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, was indicted for lying to the FBI in the contra-"Russiagate" probe.

According to his detailed indictment, Sussman orchestrated and supplied sketchy information to the FBI, alleging the Trump organization had computer communications with a Russian bank, but lied about not supplying it on behalf of candidate Clinton and the DNC, claiming instead, in dropping a dime on Trump, he was merely acting as a concerned citizen.

Sussman, nevertheless, billed the Democrats for his time spent preparing and delivering his questionable “intel” to the FBI, according to the indictment.

Before that, a grand jury indicted Kevin Kleinsmith, a top FBI lawyer, for doctoring a message that was used repeatedly to obtain secret court warrants to wiretap Carter Page, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate who served as an adviser to the Trump campaign.

The “two-hop” warrants Kleinsmith fraudulently helped the FBI obtain also authorized the feds to bug the phone calls and internet traffic of Page’s contacts in the Trump campaign as well as his family, friends and contacts. That was hop one.

The warrant, in hop two, also enabled the feds to wiretap the family members, friends and contacts of all of those people in hop one – including, potentially, many high level members of the Trump campaign who had never called or electronically communicated with Page.

Those folks would have been, post inauguration, many members of the Trump administration.

Four, 90-day wiretaps were authorized on Page, et al, lasting for a full year in total and violating the privacy of possibly many thousands of Americans.

According to USA Today: "The (Kleinsmith-) altered email indicated that Page was 'not a source' for the Central Intelligence Agency, even though the original email from the CIA indicated otherwise. The CIA had earlier told investigators in a memo that Page was an "operational contact" for the agency from 2008 to 2013 and provided information about his contacts with Russian intelligence officers."

For, in essence, lying to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court, Klinesmith was sentenced to 1 year of probation, a slap on the wrist.

The U.S. war machine is a $700-billion-a-year industry, which serves global corporate capitalism. It needs enemies, whether real or cultivated in the minds of the American public, to sustain that massive level of public spending.

When Trump said during the 2016 campaign he wanted to improve relations with Russia, the war machine and its "intelligence community" wing, which includes the FBI, went on high alert.

Clinton, a former high-ranking member of that intelligence community as U.S. Secretary of State, made her bones with the war machine when she championed the bombing of oil-rich Libya.

Emails that were on DNC and Clinton campaign computers and were published on Wikileaks show that as early as 2015, in response to a troubling report from a New Hampshire focus group, the Clinton campaign intended to blast Trump, alleging a "bromance" with Putin to counter Bill and Hillary's serious problem – highlighted by the focus group – of Hillary’s green-lighting as Secretary of State the sale of U.S. uranium mining assets to the Russians.

Multiple channels of the media, to differentiate themselves from Fox News and other ham-handedly slanted media outlets of the right, and to support the war machine and global corporate capitalism on which the media relies for advertising revenue, joined the Russiagate cabal.

In so doing, they trashed the basic concepts of journalist integrity.

A pox on all their houses.


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