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NWI Green Party Crossroads

NWI Green Party Crossroads

‍Visitor, spring is offically here and your Northwest Indiana Green Party is blooming for our environment and our democracy. The daffodils are emerging around the region with their announcement that it's time to re-engage for our work as advocates, eco-activists and educators. Come out of your winter hibernation with you fellow Greens as we burst into this spring full of action to build on our Green movement. This is an exciting time for our region as we are looking at one of the busiest years for local Greens. So come join us in Hobart on Sunday, March 16th for our monthly strategize. The Northwest Indiana Greens are moving forward with our outreach, advocacy and some exciting political campaigns in the region.

April Strategize


The Northwest Indiana Green Party is gathering in Hobart for our April Meeting. We are returning to Sip Coffeehouse on Main Street this Sunday April 16th at 2pm. Catch up and strategize with us around some of their delicious food and drinks. Sip Coffee is located at 310 Main Street, Hobart. After our meeting a group will be canvasing around Hobart for the Joseph Conn of Hobart City Council At Large. You are welcomed to join us in going out to get signatures for Joseph to be on the ballot this November.


Supporting Greens

Become a Member Today

Support your Northwest Indiana Green Party by making a contribution to our green movement. Contributions can be made through our secure square site at While you are there consider becoming a member of the NWI Green Party. Annual membership are $10 for adults, $5 seniors and students. You can join by clicking on the appropriate membership to add it to your cart. Your contributions will help us to engage the political machines in our region and to promote Green candidates in the upcoming election cycles.


If you would like to pay your membership with cash or check, you can bring your dues to the upcoming meeting. The NWI Green Party also wants to make membership feasible for those who have financial restraints, please contact us about the option for free membership. You can reply to this email or fill out the contact from on our website,


Coonecting Greens

‍Are you interested in becoming more involved in environmental, social justice and democracy advocacy in your local community? Then reach out to us to begin a dialogue of how you can promote our Green Values in your area. From local projects to parades, from city meetings to advisory boards, from door-to-door canvasing to the comfort of your computer desk there is something you can do to help your Green Party right here in Northwest Indiana. Reach out to us or join us at our next meeting to discover how we can work together for a Greener NWI.

Empowering Greens

Make a Contribution

Consider making a contribution to the NWI Green Party. Your support for our local grassroots movement right here in the region will empower us to get our issues out and our candidates on your ballot. Become one of the many people making Northwest Indiana the Crossroads of Green America.  Click on the button to make your secure, online contribution through Square. 



Contributions to the NWI Green Party are not tax-deductible and subject to restrictions established in Indiana Campaign Finance regulations.


Running Greens

Interested in Running for
Local Office in 2023?

The time is now to explore your run for local elected office in 2023 and your local Greens are here to help. The Northwest Indiana Green Party is getting candidates resourced for getting on their ballot. We have three people with campaigns ready to go and we want a lot more candidates running to turn the region Green. Have you been considering make a value-based run to place our environmental, social justice and democracy platform on the ballot? Then this is the time begin to build our coalition in Northwest Indiana! So reach out to us by replying to this email, contacting us through our website (, messaging us through Facebook or attending our monthly meeting. Our region needs you to run as a Green in 2023.


‍NWI Greens Running for Office

Joe Conn Hobart

For 38 years, I worked as a professional journalist at the Hobart Gazette and Post-Tribune newspapers, and at Modern Physician and Modern Healthcare magazines and digital publications. Much of my time in the press was spent as a watchdog, covering government at the town, city, county, state and national levels. I know what makes for good government, and bad. I’m for good government, which, at its best, is a tool box to do the work of the people they can’t reasonably and efficiently do for themselves as individuals. I promise to apply the good government principles I’ve learned over the decades — truthfulness, transparency, empathy, curiosity, intelligence and, hopefully, wisdom — to my role as a Hobart city leader.

As a Hobart resident for more that 50 years, I’m concerned about our local environment. I remain active in Hobart’s No Re-Zone grass roots movement to halt the city’s plan to turn 680 acres of farmland south of 61st Avenue on both sides of Colorado Street into an industrial zone. If fully built out with factories, warehouses and truck terminal, the industrial park could draw as many as 2,100 truck trips a day to what is now a residential and agricultural area. The two incumbent At-Large city council members who are both running for re-election voted for the industrial zone. I intend to make this campaign, in part, a referendum on their decision and finding alternatives to this bad plan for Hobart.

I am the chair of the NWI Green Party and a co-founder and treasurer of NWI Medicare for All, a cross-partisan educational organization. I am proud to have worked with and support the Just Transition environmental campaign to ensure a complete cleanup of NIPSCO’s toxic coal ash dumps at its Lake Michigan lakefront power plants.

I was elected seven times as union president of Local 14 – Gary Newspaper Guild and helped bargain two labor contracts, represented my local at the Northwest Indiana Federation of Labor an at TNG’s regional councils and national conventions, walking picket lines with the Steelworkers and healthcare workers’ union. I held an Indiana real estate broker’s license, invested in, lived in and rehabbed five Hobart houses and opened Sweeney Fid’s Sweet Shop ice cream parlor in downtown Hobart, I served four years in the Peace Corps as an ag extension agent in Sierra Leone, Africa.

I believe climate change is real and poses a threat to ourselves, our children and grandchildren. We must prepare our city for change while doing what we can to mitigate its effects. Find out more about Joe Conn for Hobart Council At-Large at

Rev Michael Values

Along the southern shores of Lake Michigan in the Indiana Dunes National Park a long time Green, environmental and human rights activist is running for Mayor. Rev. Michael Cooper has submitted 125% of nominations petitions needed to be on November ballot in Portage, Indiana. He steps into a race that has in the most recent elections flipped between Democrats and Republicans with as few a 225 votes as the winning margin. 

Eight years ago Rev. Cooper lead a group of residents to present to the Ordinance Committee of the Portage City Council a proposed 21 page comprehensive human rights ordinance for Portage, a city with a legacy of racial tensions since the white-flight from neighboring Gary, Indiana. Even though the human rights ordinance was modeled after the one adopted by the county seat, the Portage Common Council created a false narrative about not wanting people from neighboring towns (meaning Gary) coming to Portage to use our lawyers for free. The Democratic majority Council stripped everything from the ordinance except the cover page and slapped it on the walls of city hall with a statement that discrimination does not happen in Portage. 

Since then Rev. Cooper has been a vocal advocate in Portage, speaking against the city not reporting hate crime statics to the state, against the home-based online gun exchange shops in residential neighborhoods and most recently against the development of a lead-casting plant next to a city park. Rev. Cooper has been called a liar by one of the Republican candidates for mayor and the current Democratic mayor has called him the problem.

“I believe that Portage can be a place where all families can thrive,” stated Rev. Cooper. “I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and work with our residents to make that happen. As mayor, I’ll focus on making Portage the region’s driving force for green jobs, amplifying city services in all our neighborhoods, rebuilding the dismantled community arts programs, securing the basic human rights for our residents and embrace the diversity that is at the heart of Portage.”

Aside the local efforts with the Northwest Indiana Green Party, Rev. Cooper was previously served as treasurer of the Indiana Green Party and is currently their elected Communications Director. He is also a member of the NWI Medicare for All group that meets monthly at Steelworker Hall. He looks forward to working with other Greens around the region seeking to bring our progressive values to our local governments. You can discover more about Rev. Cooper’s campaign for Mayor of Portage, Indiana at

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