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NWI Green Party Crossroads

NWI Green Party Crossroads

‚ÄćVisitor, it's spring-up weekend. So this Sunday along with moving all your clocks up one hour also take an hour in the afternoon to grow our movement right here in Northwest Indiana. This is your time to get involved as we look to new opportunities around the region and to build on the key values of our climate and communities.¬†

March Stategize


The Northwest Indiana Green Party will be meeting at a new location this month, The Press Coffee Shop in downtown Valparaiso. Join us this Sunday, March 10th starting at 2pm. The Press is located at 9 Lincolnway just across the street from the courthouse. You can find us at one of the tables, so grab a coffee or peruse the independent bookshop then settle in to with your locals Greens to strategize. Any updates to the meeting will be posted on Facebook.


We are aware of two of our Green Party candidates for President actively gathering signatures in Indiana in order to gain ballot access. While Indiana has the toughest requirements in the US to get on the ballot, we also have some of the most hardworking and dedicated Hoosiers ready to take on the hurdles placed by the two-party duopoly. Currently the Jill Stein campaign and the Jasmine Sherman campaign have voluneteers organizing in Indiana. If you are interested in collecting signatures for either or both those campaigns, we will have details at the March meeting. These signature sheets are a great way to engage local voters and inspire them with our eniromentalist, progressive and social justice values.


Jill Stein Ft WayneGreen Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein visited Fort Wayne, IN

As part of the Midwest leg of her campaign road trip Jill Stein made a stop on March 6th in Fort Wayne, IN. Jill spoke at a rally in the Library plaza downtown before she sat in on a city meeting where many local environmental and housing non-profit groups spoke about their vision for a healthier Fort Wayne. That evening a meet and greet with Jill was held at Plowshares Food Hub Co. in the Electric Works Union Street Market, with many of our local Greens in attendance.


You can watch Jill speak at the market on Instagram at


For those of us who watched the Green Party Peace Action Committee Zoom that evening Jill even joined into that conversation from a laptop in the corner of the same hall!


‚ÄćJoe ConnA Message from Joe Conn

NWI Green Party Chair


Green Party members and other friends of peace,


The U.S. role in the slaughter in Gaza is massively worse than you might think.

As two-time Green Party presidential nominee Ralph Nader has written recently at Naked Capitalism and Common Dreams, the Palestinian death toll in the Gaza strip is likely being under-reported by a factor of ten.

Nader makes the plausible case that more than 300,000 Palestinians ‚Äď not the widely reported 30,000 -- have been killed in Gaza since fighters from its governing body, Hamas, attacked and killed about 1,160 people, mostly Israeli civilians, during an Oct. 7, 2023 raid inside Israel, triggering massive Israeli retaliation.

To date, 91 Israeli hostages taken in the raid remain captives of Hamas, according to AFP, a respected French news organization similar to our Associated Press.  

Meanwhile, according to Nader, ‚Äú2.3 million utterly defenseless Palestinians in the tiny crowded¬†Gaza¬†enclave have been on the receiving end of over 65,000 bombs and missiles plus non-stop tank shelling and snipers.‚Ä̬†¬†

Multiple news reports confirm the utter devastation caused by the Israeli bombing campaign, which has included the dropping of multiple, 2,000-pound ‚Äúbunker buster‚ÄĚ bombs ‚Äď each producing a killing zone the size of an NFL football field -- in one of earth‚Äôs most densely populated urban areas.¬†¬†

The U.S. had sent 100 of these weapons of mass destruction to Israel by early December, according to the Wall Street Journal.  

On Feb. 2, the¬†Washington Post¬†confirmed that: ‚ÄúThe United States has quietly approved and delivered more than 100 separate foreign military sales to Israel since the¬†Gaza war¬†began Oct. 7, amounting to thousands of precision-guided munitions, small-diameter bombs, bunker busters, small arms and other lethal aid, U.S. officials told members of Congress in a recent classified briefing.‚ÄĚ

These overwhelmingly disproportionate, retaliatory strikes against Gazan civilians ‚Äď allegedly violations of international law -- would have been impossible without the aforementioned, massive United States military, financial and political support.¬†¬†

This war, as all wars are, has been a boon to weapons makers, laundering billions of U.S. debt or tax dollars into their pockets, with more likely to come.  

According to the Washington Post, ‚Äúearlier this year (Congress)¬†introduced¬†legislation to provide an additional $17.6 billion to Israel on top of the $3.3 billion the U.S. provides annually.‚ÄĚ

The 100 or so weapons transfers already conducted quietly by the Biden Adminstration ‚Äď which have come without a single Congressional vote but with bi-partisan acquiescence by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress --¬†¬†implicate the U.S. in policies and tactics that have been called war crimes in a complaint¬†¬†filed by the nation of South Africa, a case now before the UN‚Äôs International Court of Justice.¬†

On March 2,  Northwest Indiana Green Party Treasurer and Communications Coordinator, and Indiana Green Party Communications Coordinator, Rev. Michael Cooper, and I attended the Illinois Green Party state meeting in Chicago. 


We heard from two experts on the conflict, Tarek Khalis, education chair of American Muslims for Palestine, and Lesley Williams, chair of Jewish Voices for Peace,  Chicago Chapter’s, Network Against Islamophobia.


Both explained in detail the complex history of the current war, which began decades before the Oct. 7 Hamas-led raid.  


If I read the room correctly, a consensus of Illinois Green Party members there supported an immediate cease fire in Gaza, which must be a prelude to substantive peace negotiations and not merely a bargaining chip toward those negotiations. 


The Northwest Indiana Green Party will be meeting this Sunday at The Press coffee shop, 9 Lincolnway, in downtown Valparaiso, at which time I will ask NWIGP members to endorse a resolution calling for just such an immediate cease fire, restoration of U.S. funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Aid to Gazan Civilians, and a halt to the supply and use of U.S.-made or funded weapons in the Israeli attacks on Gaza.  

I’ll also ask for a resolution supporting a rally for peace planned for Saturday, March 30, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time in South Bend, outside the corporate headquarters of AM General, manufacturer of the Humvee, and a successor, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, used by the U.S. military and other nation’s armed forces, including Israel’s. 


As always, the public is welcome to attend. 


Supporting Greens

‚ÄćBecome a Member Today

Support your Northwest Indiana Green Party by making a contribution to our green movement. Contributions can be made through our secure square site at While you are there consider becoming a member of the NWI Green Party. Annual membership are $10 for adults, $5 seniors and students. You can join by clicking on the appropriate membership to add it to your cart. Your contributions will help us to engage the political machines in our region and to promote Green candidates in the upcoming election cycles.



If you would like to pay your membership with cash or check, you can bring your dues to the upcoming meeting. The NWI Green Party also wants to make membership feasible for those who have financial restraints, please contact us about the option for free membership. You can reply to this email or fill out the contact from on our website,


Coonecting Greens

‚ÄćAre you interested in becoming more involved in environmental, social justice and democracy advocacy in your local community? Then reach out to us to begin a dialogue of how you can promote our Green Values in your area. From local projects to parades, from city meetings to advisory boards, from door-to-door canvasing to the comfort of your computer desk there is something you can do to help your Green Party right here in Northwest Indiana. Reach out to us or join us at our next meeting to discover how we can work together for a Greener NWI.

Empowering Greens

‚ÄćMake a Contribution

Consider making a contribution to the NWI Green Party. Your support for our local grassroots movement right here in the region will empower us to get our issues out and our candidates on your ballot. Become one of the many people making Northwest Indiana the Crossroads of Green America.  Click on the button to make your secure, online contribution through Square. 



Contributions to the NWI Green Party are not tax-deductible and subject to restrictions established in Indiana Campaign Finance regulations.


Running Greens

Interested in Running for
Office in 2024?

The time is now to explore your run for local elected office in 2024 and your local Greens are here to help. The Northwest Indiana Green Party is getting candidates resourced for getting on their ballot. We have three people with campaigns ready to go and we want a lot more candidates running to turn the region Green. Have you been considering make a value-based run to place our environmental, social justice and democracy platform on the ballot? Then this is the time begin to build our coalition in Northwest Indiana! So reach out to us by replying to this email, contacting us through our website (, messaging us through Facebook or attending our monthly meeting. Our region needs you to run as a Green in 2024.


begins IN Indianq

‚ÄćSmog Blankets Northwest Indiana from¬†

"Critical Incident" at BP Refinery

So far in 2024 there has been three critical incidents at the BP Whiting refinery in Northwest Indiana. This facility along Lake Michigan is the 6th largest refinery in the US and one of the largest refiners of tar sands crude. There has been two leaks from the refinery in January and then on February 1st a total power failure forced the evacuation of the plant and the emergency burning of all 5 flare stacks. Billows of smog poured over Northwest Indiana and local residents are left dealing with the long term affects of the air pollution in their communities. 

Indiana is one of the states suing the US Environmental Protection Agency is a case that has been fast-tracked by the US Supreme Court. This case seeks to block the "good neighbor" section of the Clean Air Act. This provision helps to protect people from severe health problems from air pollution that blows from a neighboring state. If this law is overturned that would remove an important environmental justice power for the EPA to stop the highest polluting states.


This has been a devastating month of the health of our Indiana communities. Our state showed disregard not only for the health residents of Indiana but the health of our neighbors. Your Northwest Indiana Green Party challenges the status quo in our state by putting our communities and our environment first. We stand for the Green New Deal that will end our state's reliance on not only fossil fuels but the industries that make those fuels. We support the work of environmental justice at the EPA. The Northwest Indiana Green Party works for the health of our communities because we know a greener nation begins IN Indiana.

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