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NWI Green Party Crossroads

NWI Green Party Crossroads

‍Visitor, your Northwest Indiana Greens were out in full force in April. We returned to the Porter County Recycling and Waste Reduction Earth Day where we handed out lots of milkweed seeds. This has been our ongoing campaign to create healthy communities for people and butterflies throughout NWI. We were joined by our friends at Northwest Indiana Medicare for All who canvased people using the National Nurses United Union poll. It was another great success for our local movement and we had a great time sharing with folks in the region about our environmental values and advocacy

May Strategize


The Northwest Indiana Green Party will be meeting in Valparaiso at an old favorite spot but at a new day and time! Join us this Tuesday, May 14th starting at 6:30pm at The Trailyard Restaurant. The Trailyard is located just south of Linolnway at the end of Froberg Road, 2551 Clifford St, Valparaiso. You can find us at one of the tables, so grab a dinner menu and settle in to with your locals Greens to strategize. Any updates to the meeting will be posted on Facebook.

NWI Greens File Freedom Of Information Request on Industrial Stormwater Permits into Lake Michigan

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management oversees an Administrative Title that allows for the discharge of untreated stormwater from industrial sites. Under the clean water act, stormwater should be routed though a treatment facility before discharging This is to protect our waterways form contaminates. Yet in Portage three industrial sites pipe their stormwater into Burns Ditch or directly into Lake Michigan. Unlike sanitary sewer permits that are publicly posted for review, documents submitted to IDEM under this administrative title are not made public. These documents include plans, testing results and IDEM inspections. 


A freedom of information request was filed with IDEM for the release of those documents so that the public may be made aware of the amount of untreated industrial stormwater that is being released into Lake Michigan and the required plans to reduce the amount of contaminated stormwater into our watershed. The Northwest Indiana Green Party continues to work to protect our local environment. 

Joe ConnA Message from Joe Conn

NWI Green Party Chair


Greetings Northwest Indiana Greens,

I’m writing to you today about two important topics: stopping the slaughter-for-profit, U.S. health insurance industry and waging peace against the war profiteers roiling the Middle East.

We need to stand up against Big Pharma and for-profit health insurance corporations, the worst culprits in a racket that is robbing us of more than $1 trillion annually while killing us at a rate of 45,000 Americans each year. 

We – and that means all of us in Northwest Indiana – also need to work for peace in Gaza, Palestine and Israel, and that necessitates, before anything else, pushing for a cease fire in Gaza and the rest of Palestine. Only then can we work for a permanent peace between Palestinians and Israelis; both of which have a right to political self-determination and to live in harmony. 


So, how do we here in NWI act responsibly toward either goal?


First, on Saturday, May 18, beginning at 10:30 a.m. and running to 1 p.m., please donate an hour or so of your time for a good cause as our friends at Northwest Indiana Medicare for All will be polling residents of Hobart door-to-door.  

They could use our help as poll takers.

Founded in 2017, NWIM4A is a cross-partisan, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate citizens throughout NWI on the fiscal and moral superiority of switching to one, high-quality, government administered, national health insurance system.  

Medicare for All is that system. It will cover everyone with insurance, which can’t be taken away by job loss or illness. 

In full disclosure, I’m a co-founder of NWIM4A and I serve as its treasurer. I’ve been active in the movement for national health insurance since the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in 2016.  Sanders, I-VT, is the sponsor of the Medicare for All bill in the U.S. Senate.

Previously, NWIM4A members have polled residents of Highland and Gary and attendees to this year’s Earth Day at the Porter County Fairgrounds, all to gauge the level of support for national health insurance locally.   

Again, pollsters are asked to meet up Saturday, May 18, between 10:30 and noon at Sip Coffee House, 310 Main Street, in downtown Hobart. There they’ll get some quick training and then go out door-knocking for an hour or so.   

Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and the politically “other” are invited to help. There will be drawing for a union-made Medicare for All ball cap. 

Green Party Presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, a physician, is a strong supporter of Medicare for All.  

In a recent interview, Stein said:  “A Medicare for All system would save us half a trillion dollars (a year) just from reducing the waste, the inefficiency, the paper pushing,  the big CEO salaries,  et cetera, in our current healthcare system that wastes one out of every three healthcare dollars instead of putting them into health. ” 


“People across the political spectrum are experiencing this incredible crisis in our healthcare system, and that is something that we can begin to meet on day one,” Stein said. 


Also, I’m asking NWI Greens to join a peace demonstration near you. 

Let your voices be heard.  


In recent weeks, I’ve attended two peaceful demonstrations, in Mishawaka and Valparaiso.  More are planned, but details have not been worked out yet.  I’ll notify you when the organizers have firmed up places and times.

The Green Party is the party of peace.  One of the Four Pillars of the Green Party calls our country's long wars and worldwide military presence “immoral and unsustainable.”

Recently, Dr. Stein, was arrested and charged with assault after she was pushed in the face with a bicycle wielded by a police officer during an anti-war protest at Washington University in St. Louis. 

In sharp contrast, majorities of both so-called major political parties support more war in Gaza, and spending our tax dollars to kill women and children.

Further proof of their brutal collaboration came in April when the House of Representatives, in an overwhelming, bi-partisan vote, approved $17 billion in aid, largely military, to Israel.  

Passage came despite allegations by South Africa brought before the International Court of Justice that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people.   

The ICJ walked a political tight rope in declaring "some of the acts and omissions alleged by South Africa to have been committed by Israel in Gaza appear to be capable of falling within the provisions of the (Genocide) Convention," according to the Reuters news agency.

Israel’s undeniable slaughter of Gazans — it’s at an estimated 34,654 deaths and counting -- began after an Oct. 7, 2023 attack by Hamas against Israel that killed an estimated 1,200 Israelis soldiers and civilians.  

Thursday, despite President Biden’s public warning that an Israeli invasion of the Gazan southern city of Rafah would cross an American “red line,” Israeli forces shelled portions of the city where more than 1 million Gazans had sought refuge, according to Reuters.  

This vote count in the House on the $17 billion aid bill was 366-58, according to the news organization, Roll Call. 

“The Israel package includes nearly $10 billion for developing or producing U.S. or Israeli-made weapons, including anti-missile and anti-rocket systems, as well as billions of dollars more to replenish U.S. stocks that have been drawn down to help Israel and to bankroll U.S. military operations in the region,” said the Roll Call’s piece, co-authored by John M. Donnelly and David Lerman.

Meanwhile, a rump group of Republicans tried to gut a bill providing $60 billion in military and other aid to Ukraine, but that effort was defeated, 71-351.  


Even though all 71 votes in favor were from Republicans, 139 Republicans voted against the measure, that is, in effect, those 139 GOPers  joined with the Dems in voting for more Ukraine war squandering.


Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., the House minority leader, crowed about  the war parties’ victory by Red-baiting the war spending’s opponents.


“For months, the national security priorities of the American people have been obstructed by pro-Putin extremists determined to let Russia win,” Jeffries said. “A bipartisan coalition of Democrats and Republicans has risen up to work together and ensure that we are getting the national security legislation important to the American people over the finish line.”


Roll Call points out that 61 percent of Republicans oppose further U.S. funding of the war in Ukraine.  


Overall, Americans’ support for military aid to Ukraine – which was overwhelming at the start of the war in 2022 -- has slipped to 53%, versus 47% who are opposed, according to a poll last month by CBS News.   

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Coonecting Greens

‍Are you interested in becoming more involved in environmental, social justice and democracy advocacy in your local community? Then reach out to us to begin a dialogue of how you can promote our Green Values in your area. From local projects to parades, from city meetings to advisory boards, from door-to-door canvasing to the comfort of your computer desk there is something you can do to help your Green Party right here in Northwest Indiana. Reach out to us or join us at our next meeting to discover how we can work together for a Greener NWI.

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The time is now to explore your run for local elected office in 2024 and your local Greens are here to help. The Northwest Indiana Green Party is getting candidates resourced for getting on their ballot. We have three people with campaigns ready to go and we want a lot more candidates running to turn the region Green. Have you been considering make a value-based run to place our environmental, social justice and democracy platform on the ballot? Then this is the time begin to build our coalition in Northwest Indiana! So reach out to us by replying to this email, contacting us through our website (, messaging us through Facebook or attending our monthly meeting. Our region needs you to run as a Green in 2024.


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